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New podcast interview & #HeatherStrong store open until Monday!

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share a quick update with you that my friend and favourite radio star Don Vail is testing the waters with a new podcast “The Don Vail Podcast: Living With Purpose” and he asked me to be his first guest! I was honoured that he asked me and quickly agreed.... Continue Reading →

#HeatherStrong version of March Madness

When most people think of “March Madness”, I’m sure they think of the ever popular NCAA basketball tournament. This year, we’re going to do a #HeatherStrong version. I have so much going on that I think it deserves the name March Madness. It’s been almost 3 months since we switched my chemo from Folfox to... Continue Reading →

2023 New year update

Hello everyone, I hope you are all settled into 2023. We had a lovely (verrrrry snowy) Christmas and (rainy) New Year’s Eve! I spent a lot of time with family and friends which was perfect, considering last year I was in COVID jail in Toronto (although Jackie and I did make the best time of... Continue Reading →

New chemo drug today

Hi all, I’ve had a busy few weeks coordinating scans getting to the right doctors and booking upcoming appointments. As a lot of you know, working with Oncology in Owen Sound and surgeries in Toronto takes a lot of organizing and coordinating on my end, so my love for process is really coming in handy.... Continue Reading →

Update: 1st Meeting with Dr. Sap!

Happy Wednesday everyone, I’m hot off the heels of chemo yesterday, where I finally didn’t have the shaking, chills & fever side effect, thank goodness! My Oncologist suggested I take Tylenol before arriving, and they gave me the IV meds a bit earlier than last time, so that must have been the magical combination! Today... Continue Reading →

MRI follow up & #HeatherStrong Day

Hi all, I’ve finally come down off the high of the amazing #HeatherStrong Day on Sunday, November 6th. We had about 45 people come out to the “in person” event in Owen Sound, and what felt like hundreds participating world-wide! We had a great group of walkers and runners in Owen Sound. With some great... Continue Reading →

More than a glimmer of hope!

Hello all, Last Friday, I closed on my house, so I’m officially a homeowner again! I don’t move in until July 11 when the moving truck comes with all my belongings that have been in storage since being moved out of my Newfoundland house 2 years ago. I can’t wait to open all the boxes... Continue Reading →

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